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Wodsee DOL-HDR WDR 4 IN 1 Camera New Arrival

WDR is the narrowing of the Wide Dynamic Range , commonly known as the wide dynamic, which is the ratio of the maximum brightness signal value of an image to the minimum brightness signal value that can be resolved.

DOL(digital overlap) HDR stands for digital overlap wide dynamic range, it’s the next generation Sensor-based WDR technology exclusively developed by Sony.

The DOL-HDR image sensors can output up to three frames of images alternately on each line, DOL-HDR function requires a dedicated image signal processor to control and processing. However, DOL-HDR can provide many advantages such as improved characteristics in low-light environments compared to conventional WDR that uses multiple frame set output.

In challenging lighting conditions, DOL-HDR is capable of capturing both dark and bright part then combining the differences into a scene to generate a highly realistic image.

Sony IMX290 CMOS Image Sensors support DOL-HDR. Please check DOL-HDR effect:

More DOL-HDR Camera specifications and price, please contact info@wodsee.com

To set parameters for detected faces recognition, perform the following steps:

1. Go to the Hardware tab in the System Settings dialog box (1).

2. Select the Face Recognition Server object in the objects tree (2).

3. In the Similarity level field, enter the match percentage of the detected face and the reference image that will be considered a recognized match (3). The Similarity level parameter is expressed as a percentage.

4. In the Show faces field, enter the maximum number of matching reference images that can be displayed for one frame of a detected face (4).

5. In the FAR list, select a value for the maximum permissible error during recognition of detected faces (type 1 error) (5).


The FAR parameter is used only in Cognitec 8.8 face recognition module. While comparing two vectors one of the following maximum values is used as a threshold value:
a. The Similarity level parameter
b. The parameter calculated on the basis of the set FAR value.

6. If it’s required to skip repeated recognitions, set the time period in seconds more than 0 during which a face won’t be recognized repeatedly (6). See also description of the IgnoreSamePeople registry key in the registry key reference guide.

7. In the Minimum quality for face recognition field, enter the minimum quality for face at which recognition will be performed, as a percentage (7).

8. On default, face detections for which the configured Face Recognition Server is selected as external capture, generate and attach biometric face parameters to the image. Such procedure is performed if the Create FIR in detection unit checkbox is set (8). Deselect the Create FIR in detection unit checkbox if it’s required to perform only face capture by detections without creating a biometric face parameters (8).

9. Set the Select best frame in detection unit checkbox if it’s required to select best frames from all images received by Face detections at which the configured Face Recognition Server is selected as external capture, and send only them to the Face recognition server (9).

10. Set the Select best frame for recognition checkbox if it’s required to select the best frame from all images entered into the Face recognition server from Face detection for one person and create FIR only for selected frame (10).

11. In the Collected not less than … frames with person field enter the number of frames upon reaching which the recognizing will be performed (12).

12. In the Person in the camera field of view … sec field enter the time in seconds upon reaching which the recognizing will be performed (13).


The Person left the camera field of view checkbox is set on default and it is impossible to disable it (11).


The face recognizing is performed if only one condition is done (11-12).

13.To save changes, click Apply (14).

Setting parameters for detected faces recognition is now complete.

In the era of big data explosion, update iteration is the constant theme in the kaleidoscopic changes. Only walking ahead of the current situation can lead the future. In 2017, the hottest and most popular technology and product in video surveillance should be face recognition. All major CCTV manufacturers have launched various powerful face recognition systems. Especially, put forward the concept of “deep learning”.

Firstly, the traditional face recognition (a generation of learning methods are shallow learning) identification accuracy can up to 70%, even after deployment of security personnel time attention should be paid.However, the face recognition system with deep learning technology can achieve an average accuracy of more than 90% in all days, which can greatly save the energy of security personnel after deployment.

Secondly, Traditional face recognition can only be recognized by simple attributes such as binocular features, and the recognizable face attributes are too few. The face recognition system using the deep learning technology adopts the global face feature retrieval to model the global features of the face, not limited to the local characteristics of the human eye, so the accuracy of the depth learning face recognition algorithm has exceeded the human eye limit.

Thirdly, From the visual effect, traditional face recognition algorithm model can not accurately identify wearing masks, wearing a hat, glasses and other minor decorations, and the depth of the face recognition system can not only identify wearing masks, hats, wearing glasses and other conventional decoration, but also can identify fake beard, wig, sunglasses and other camouflage, even if the suspect deliberately disguised, the algorithm of face recognition under depth learning can accurately dispatched the target suspects.

Finally, The traditional face recognition algorithms usually have long recognition time, and people must also directly face to camera when they are recognized, which is not practical. The face recognition system using deep learning can quickly retrieve human faces and scare them in the sea of people. Even if pedestrians are deliberately evaded, they rotate right and left by 30 degrees, and pitching by 15 degrees can still be accurately recognized, greatly improving the face recognition Practicality.

The application of deep learning, will make very large changes, the future is hard to imagine how many exciting attempts will also occur in the CCTV line.

Wodsee Face detection and recognition system also use deep learning technology, more details, please contact info@wodsee.com

With emerging markets and global advancements, the facial recognition market is predicted to expand. It’s estimated to reach $6.5 Billion by the end of 2018. With 2D, 3D, thermal, emotion, forensic and mobile facial recognition (similar to the technology deployed in the iPhone X), popularity has increased in the corporate world.

Let’s delve deeper to understand the Facial Recognition of Surveillance System , how it works and how to use it to best effect.

1.What is facial recognition?

Facial recognition is a process whereby a CCTV camera and some server software are able to identify a person from a live moving image. The system identifies the face of a person whether they are static or moving. This is different to the type of 2D still facial image matching used at airports for Border Control. These systems use a static digital image captured from the chip embedded into the passport and match it against the person standing at the gate.

2.How it works?

Facial recognition systems start by looking for peoples faces when observing a moving scene or image. Once the system finds an image, it will adjust the image by resizing or reorientating the image to clearly view a face. The system will then observe the physical layout of the face, such as the shape of the face, location of the eyes, nose and mouth. It will use this layout information to build a template for that face, sometimes also referred to as a faceprint. Once the template has been created, the system will then compare it to the templates that have been enrolled into the system to attempt to identify a person. If the system identifies an enrolled person, it will positively identify them and pass this data to an operator terminal or screen. It may also pass a unique identification number to another system, such as the access control system, instead of a card number. If the system cannot identify the person against those enrolled in the database, it will log that it detected a person in the scene, but could not positively identify them.

3.Popular difference

Unlike CCTV which records images whenever someone passes in the field of view of a camera, facial recognition requires a database of people enrolled before it can start recognising people. Unregistered people will appear as unknown. Data such as counting the total number of people, or the amount of time people takes to move from one point to another can be recorded anonymously.


a. Discrete

Facial recognition systems use cameras that are very similar to CCTV cameras, therefore people are less aware of their presence. We are very used to seeing cameras in our daily lives and cannot easily tell what the camera is being used for.

b. Flexibility

It’s easier to move a camera, or alter the field of view of a camera and the area it is monitoring. Most cameras use a single data cable for both power and data.

In comparison, moving an access control installation would require more extensive engineering work, such as moving controller equipment and recabling readers.

The organisation could also choose to deploy additional temporary cameras for a specific event, incident or investigation.

c. No physical credentials to issue

With most access control systems, you need to issue a physical credential such as a card. The process of getting the card programmed, printed and issued is complex. Card issuance involves a number of people and departments to get it into the hands of the authorised person. In comparison, a simple process of capturing their facial data the first time they visit site is both faster and less costly to the organisation.

5.Beyond security

Facial recognition is being used for more than just security, it’s also used for hospitality. Imagine a casino environment where high-rollers can be greeted by name.

The casino’s VIP Concierge team can make them feel appreciated and welcomed. Football match safety can be enhanced where the behaviour of known hooligans can be monitored. Systems can monitor if they sitting still, standing or moving around. Security staff and police can react when necessary, resulting in less confrontation, when compared to blocking entry at the turnstiles.

Good news! Wodsee launched new face recognition & analysis surveillance system. It supports to add black list & white list for taking different actions. This system is the best surveillance product to install on the main entrance to keep your safety. More importantly, the price is the most competitive one of the whole market.

Soft Photosensitive, You Shall Know, Another Market Trend!


Working Principle: 

Sensor will detect the environment’s brightness, then control LED board. If it reaches the brightness value of color to black, sensor will give signal to led board, then IR on. If it reaches the brightness value of black to color, sensor will give signal to led board, IR off.

IR CUT Mode: Soft Photosensitive

Led board: Sensor control led board, not by itself

Advantage: Sensor and IR led work in good consistency, cost down

Solution support: Hi3516E+SONY323, Hi3516E+SC2236, Hi3516E+SONY307

Schematic Diagram:

How to Set:

Let us See the Comparison, VS Old IR led at Mid-night 23:27:49:

1st, 2nd,3rd picture, Soft Photosensitive mode: high, middle, low.

4th picture: old IP camera without soft photosensitive.


More Great Starvis Effect for Your Checking:

Hottest Models Suggested:

Welcome to Enjoy!

Lately Wodsee launches 2MP IP cameras with Sensor Control IR.

Sensor control IR IP cameras have made great improvements to normal IR led cameras.

As the above picture, on traditional camera, when light 0-3lux value, IR will be on. The image is white and black. But at that time, sensor still can display a very good color vision.

Only because the IR led’s control, the good color vision cannot be well displayed.

From the picture comparison as below, first picture at time: 00:12:31, mid-night, only got road light, picture is from camera with “Senor control IR“.

The below picture at time 19:11:56, early night, piture is from camera with “IR led control IR“.

Sensor control IR so wonderful, isn’t it? Then how does it work?

First, when the photosensitive output high-level signal to the network module, the sensor would detect whether the current ambient brightness reaches the value to set color to black&white; if it reaches, the network module outputs a high signal to the light board, then infrared light working on, while switching IR-CUT; if the sensor senses that the current ambient brightness has not reached the value to set color to black&white, the camera would keep starlight effect.

Setting IR CUT mode as “Soft photosensitive”

After camera switching to black&white mode, when the intelligent sensor detected the environment brightness reaches the brightness value to switch from black&white to color, the IR-CUT will change to color, and cut off the output signal to control the infrared off.

More details of Wodsee Sensor Control IR IP Cameras, please contact info@wodsee.com

As we known, the High-speed Dome camera/ PTZ camera in the field of video surveillance are irreplaceable, its 360-degree without dead angle monitoring, cruise, zoom and other unique features are not owned by other types of cameras.

So far, the High-speed Dome camera has basically entered into the High-Definition area. This is the general trend of network security and HD development in the security industry. It is also a technological advantage of its own high-definition image quality, wide coverage, high scalability and intelligent features upgrading Decided. According to the survey of 《China Public Security》, the share of HD High-speed Dome in the dome camera market is about 30%. Among some of the major IPC suppliers in China, high-speed dome camera in all IPC sales accounted for even higher than this value. In the safe city, traffic, park perimeter, HD High-Speed dome camera become the mainstream of HD IP PTZ Camera.

With the rapid development of networked, High-Definition and Intelligent technologies, HD High-speed Dome cameras have been widely used in such projects as Safe City and the market share has been significantly improved.

How to face with the huge market demand ?

On the one hand, Wodsee speed up the high-speed dome camera network, HD, intelligent technology upgrades, and constantly introduce high-quality High-Speed Dome camera; such as 5mp Starvis/Starlight High-Speed Dome IP camera, Auto-tracking 30X Starvis/Starlight High-Speed Dome IP camera.

On the other, Wodsee pay more attention to our own localization of the key parts of the HD High Speed Dome camera and the core image processing technology, also in appearance and design to catch up with international brands. Such as Bullet style IP PTZ camera and Mini Dome PTZ camera.

Now Wodsee HD High-speed Dome Camera is more and more popular, and we get too many great feedbacks on quality, for example, Customer from French Saint Martin say, Wodsee HD High-speed Dome Camera is working well against Irma Hurricane.

More details of Wodsee HD High-Speed Dome camera, please contact info@wodsee.com

New Smart Zoom solution: Hi3516D + Panasonic MN34223. Real WDR.

What is Real WDR?

WDR is the narrowing of Wide Dynamic Range. Wide dynamic range technology can allow camera capture good effect pictures even under challenging light conditions. Real WDR is a sensor-based technology, camera with this technology can produce images with an extremely wide dynamic range. With Real WDR, you can enjoy good quality image although high light situation.

Why or where it needs?

Anywhere and anytime it needs. Installing and using surveillance cameras often encounter glare problems. Because we can’t flexibly choose where to install the camera. Solving or handling glare is an unavoidable problem. Whether this is caused by reflective materials or light sources. WDR function can solve this problem. WODSEE New Smart Zoom IPC, solution Hi3516D + Panasonic MN34223, support WDR function. And sensor Panasonic MN34223 has very good WDR effect.

Please check below pictures:

Without WDR, when the high brightness area under strong light source (sunlight, light or reflector) and the area with relatively low brightness such as backlight and backlight exist in the image at the same time, the image output by the camera will appear bright due to overexposure to white, The dark area due to underexposure becomes black, seriously affecting the image quality.


When WDR on, in the same scene, the camera has very good quality image:


WODSEE Smart Zoom IPC: Great compatibility of plenty protocol and Brand NVR. Wide range of applicability.

1.Software: Free Mobile App and PC Client software, quick and convenient.

2.Features: Support the latest ONVIF2.42 / GB28181 / SDK; Free P2P, BLC; 3D-DNR; DEFOG, Smart ROI(4 ROI region), Motion Detection, …

3.Multi-Brand NVR: Compatible with Hikvision, Dahua, XM H.264/265 NVR/POE NVR Private Protocol, such as HK iVMS4200.

4.Network Protocol: IPv4/IPv6, HTTPS, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, UPNP, RTSP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, DDNS, FTP, 802.1x, …

For further information, please contact info@wodsee.com freely.

The reasons why CCTV equipments are easy damaged? 

For a long time, due to the neglect of monitoring system maintenance, a lot of monitoring equipment easily being damaged after just put into use. Why does it happens?

Firstly. The management department paid insufficient attention to the maintenance of the monitoring system and thought it unnecessary to invest too much manpower, material and financial resources. Therefore, the management of the monitoring system facilities was ignored, which led to the management and maintenance of the system could not keep up.

Secondly. The lack of complete and planned monitoring equipment maintenance implementation plan. Large number of monitoring equipment distributed throughout the project, equipment maintenance is an arduous and important work, this work need to be organized and clear.

When a device fails, professional technicians can bring up the relevant technical parameters of the device, performance indicators and other related informations quickly, and take targeted maintenance measures to effectively improve the maintenance efficiency of the equipment.

Thirdly. The purchase concern too much of the cost of the equipment while ignoring the equipment maintenance. Too much monitoring equipment brands, too many product suppliers, not good enough manufacturers after-sale, resulting in monitoring equipment  failure after using for some time, the damage rate rising, eventually had to make large-scale renovation of existing equipment, There is duplication of investment, a serious waste of the phenomenon.

In order to do a good job of maintenaning the equipments, maintenance center need equip with the appropriate manpower and material resources (tools, Communications equipment, etc.), responsible for routine monitoring system checking, maintenance, service, management, assume equipment maintenance services to protect monitoring System of long-term, reliable and effective operation.

How to provide regular maintenance for CCTV equipments

1. Maintain the basic conditions:

On the monitoring system for the normal maintenance of equipment required basic maintenance conditions, that is to achieve 3 requirements:

They’re spare parts, accessories, tools.

1) Spare parts

In general, each system must maintain a corresponding spare parts storage, mainly to reserve some of the important equipments that’s could not be repaired immediately after damagement.

Such as cameras, lenses, monitors and so on. These devices once found failure may make the system can not be normal operation, so they must be promptly replaced, it must have a certain number of spare parts, spare parts inventory must be constantly updated based on whether the equipment can be repaired and the characteristics of the operating lifespan of the equipment.


Accessories are mainly various of discrete components and modules additional configuration, you can prepare more, mainly for equipment maintenance.

Commonly used accessories are the main circuit needs a variety of integrated circuit chips and discrete components of various circuits. Other larger devices must be equipped with certain function modules for emergency use.

In this way, maintenance can make good use of small inputs, save a lot of money to update the equipment.

3)Tools and testing equipment.

We must prepare common maintenance tools and maintenance equipment, such as all kinds of pliers, screwdrivers, test pencil, electric iron, tape, multimeter, oscilloscope, etc., if necessary, should also be added at any time, if necessary make your own simulation load as a test tool.

2. Some precautions in equipment maintenance

In the monitoring system equipment maintenance process, we should guard against some situations, as far as possible to make the equipment operating normally, the main need to do is dustproof, moistureproof, shockproof,  lightning protection, tamper-proof.

1) dustproof. The dust in the air and the invisible particles are so large amount that it is easy to cover the front glass of the surveillance camera, resulting in the obstruction of the monitoring sight and thus influence the monitoring effect and difinition. Therefore, you need to periodically wipe the glass cover, be careful not to use irritating cleaners or organic solvents.

2) moisture-proof. For outdoor surveillance cameras, sun and rain are inevitable. Moisture intrusion will make the board damp to moldy, and may even cause the circuit board short circuit and scrapped, so the moistureproof is very crucial. Waterproof camera has waterproof ring in the front and rear side, but when installed must pay attention (especially when wearing waterproof PVC pipe) Do not make U-shaped, because it is easy to save water in the waterproof pipe, leds to camera damage.

3) Shockproof. Vibration can have a detrimental effect on the mechanical part of the surveillance camera. The current digital surveillance cameras have a very mechanical structure, some with mechanical elements of less than 0.5 mm in thickness and their guideposts in micrometer resolution, so strong vibrations sometimes cause mechanical dislocation and even circuit board loosening. Therefore, we should avoid strong vibration, in particular, to prevent the machine fell to the ground.

4) Lightning protection, tamper-proof. As long as people who have been engaged in the maintenance of the electromechanical system know that the thunderstorm weather, lightning strikes are common cases, which cause a great risk for the normal operating of surveillance cameras, therefore, lightning protection must be highly valued in the maintenance process.

5) in addition, should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, so as to avoid damage to the image sensor of the surveillance camera; do not pull and twist the connection cable, so as to avoid damage to the surveillance camera; cameras should be stored in a clean, dry local warehouse.

3. the specific maintenance measures

1) Quarterly equipment dusting, cleaning, cleaning the monitoring equipment exposed dust, remove the dust of the camera, protective cover and other components, and then wipe with anhydrous alcohol cotton each lens, adjust the clarity. Making sure the machine is running, static electricity and other factors will be inhaled dust monitoring equipment body, to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time check the monitoring room ventilation, cooling, dust, power and other facilities. Outdoor temperature should be -20 ℃ ~ +

60 ℃, relative humidity should be 10% ~ 100%; indoor temperature should be controlled at +5 ℃ ~ +35 ℃, relative humidity should be controlled at 10% ~ 80%, ensure monitoring equipment in a good operating environment.

2) According to the instructions of each part of the monitoring system, every technical parameter of the monitoring system and the quality of the transmission line of the monitoring system, so as to deal with the hidden trouble and assist the supervising supervisor to set various data such as the level of use, etc., make sure all equipments is good, able to work properly.

3) Check monitoring equipment components once a month to conduct a comprehensive inspection, once found that aging parts should be promptly replaced and repaired, such as cameras.

4) Clean parts that are periodic cleaning once a quarter, such as the monitor exposed to the air, due to electrostatic screen, there will be a lot of dust is adsorbed on the monitor surface, affecting the clarity of the screen, to regularly wipe the monitor , Proofing monitor color and brightness.

5) Maintenance long-term monitoring equipments on a regular basis once a month, such as recorders will produce more heat for a long time, once the fan fails, will affect the heat, so as not to incluence the cameras’ working.

6) Monitoring the operation of the system and equipment to monitor the situation, analyze the operation siluation, detecting on time and troubleshooting. Such as: network equipment, server systems, monitoring terminals and a variety of terminal equipments.Desktop system operation checking, network and desktop system virus defense.

7) Monthly optimizing the monitoring systems and equipments: a reasonable network management in monitoring center, such as bandwidth, IP address and other restrictions. Provide monthly monitoring system network performance testing, including network connectivity, stability and bandwidth utilization; Real-time detection of all external network intrusion that may affect the monitoring of network equipment, Real-time monitoring of the server operating status, traffic and intrusion monitoring. Exceptions, verification, and related processing. According to user needs supervision Control network planning, optimization; Assist in dealing with server hardware and software failures and related hardware and software disassembly.

8) Provide regular monthly information service: the first working day of each month, send summary informations the last month repair, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance record to the monitoring center.

About the installation of PTZ, wodsee here to remind you that the outdoor installation of PTZ must pay attention to the geographical position and the drainage. Today we will talk about notes for outdoor installation of PTZ. We help can help you better to make installation of PTZ.

1.Position of installation 

The installation position of the PTZ is not close to the steam or air conditioning outlet . It is easy to generate condensation effect, which causes the occurrence of accumulated water and water fog for a long time.

2.drainage of PTZ

Outdoor installation of PTZ should pay attention to the drainage of fixed bracket.Many engineer often install the position of the fixed bracket even higher than the electrical junction box.

And they do not make waterproof when they put the camera cables to the electrical junction box,which lead to the rain also drains into the box with the camera cable.It will cause an electrical short circuit and even burn the camera.

We hope you can pay attention to the position and the drainage when you install the PTZ.Only when you avoid of some installation problems, can the PTZ lasts longer.

Will a Wodsee IP camera work with ____? This is a question about ONVIF compatibility.

The surveillance industry has created an open standard protocol called ONVIF that allows cameras to communicate with each other and with network recording devices. ONVIF has different versions of compatibility that dictate which features can be integrated into the system. In some cases a camera can have basic video compatibility but lack the ability to do more advanced features, such as motion detection.

All Wodsee IP product are 100% ONVIF compatible with version 2.42 of Profile S for IP cameras. We are as compatible as you can get. Cameras models made by HikVision, Dahua, Sony, Samsung, Bosch, Axis, and Honeywell can be ONVIF compatible. (note that not all cameras made by these companies are ONVIF compatible, ONVIF is a new standard and some of these companies have been around longer than ONVIF. It is important to check ONVIF compatibility with the model number you are considering.)

IMPORTANT: ONVIF does no policing of its standards. Sometimes companies say that a device is ONVIF compliant when it is not. The only sure bet for full functionality with Wodsee NVRs is using Wodsee cameras. 

How to check your ONVIF version

If you want to go with a non-Wodsee camera, you will need to contact the manufacturer or retailer of your device and ask them what version of ONVIF they support.

If they do not give you a version number and instead just say “Profile S” or “ONVIF compliance” with no version number, they have dodged your question.

Another note: We have seen cameras from other companies that worked fine, suddenly stop being ONVIF compliant after their firmware update broke their camera’s compliance. We also have seen cameras that were not ONVIF compliant become so after updating the firmware. So, a model number can both be ONVIF compliant and not; what matters is the firmware on that camera and whether that firmware works correctly and is ONVIF compliant.

ONVIF Profile S Versions matter

ONVIF Profile S has changed over time and has evolved as the industry as has evolved. This means that if you want to use an advanced feature (such as motion recording or video analytics) with one of our NVRs and one of someone else’s cameras, you will need both products to be compliant with at least the version that introduced that feature. Here’s a table to make that easy:

NOTE: If the manufacturer does not list an ONVIF version number or if that version number is less than 2.0, you should assume that its ONVIF compliance is spotty or non-functional.

All Wodsee IP Cameras are 100% ONVIF Profile S version 2.42 compliant.

Nice day,Here WODSEE has strong willing to recommend you a H.265+ POE NVR KIT which is really hot in the market now:

According to the export data sheet of our company in 2016, the H.265+ 4K POE NVR KIT exported less than 500 UNITS a month in season 1.

while in the end of 2016, till this year 2017, it exceeded 30,000 UNITS a month.

Why it become so popular within a year in security industry? The reasons are as follows:

1.Plug and play.

2.P2P service: www.seetong.com ,support UC (PC Client)

3.Support Android/IOS system mobile remote view, APP: seetong

4.NVR(H.265 4K,4CH/8CH)+IPC(H.265+ 2.0MP POE camera).

H.265+ Avantage:

saves 90% of disk space than H.264.

According to our sales data and clients feedback, now 70% camera support H.264 in whole market,

but when the H.265+ was approved can Save 90% storage space and bandwidth in same resolution with more higher picture quality, it is above 35%-50% profit with great potential now.

It is just the beginning of H.265+ 4K POE NVR KIT hot trend. It is huge profitable and seldom after-sale technical problems products.While HIKVISION and DAHUA still not start this business. We MUST be your best partner in this newly and potential market.

More info, please don’t be hesitate contact us info@wodsee.com

Smart home camera refers to do not need a computer connection, direct use of Wi-Fi networking, with mobile applications, you can remotely view everything at home, talk with family. And also supports video sharing, remote operation monitoring perspective, alarm and other functions A generic term for a product.

Due to its mobility, remoteness and security, it has been widely used by many consumers for home security.

But in the market, the quality of smart home cameras varies,many exist a variety of security risks. For example, monitoring video information is leaked, the camera is anti-control …

How to use smart Home camera safely?

1. Choose the formal channels to buy smart home camera products

When purchase smart home cameras, price is only one of the references,security and word of mouth also an important factor to consider

Here we strongly suggest you use WODSEE Smart home camera, easy to connect, ,private APP to protect your home&family .

Mini wifi smart home camera+E-Robert Smart home camera two series , custom logo /APP/SDK acceptable

2. Security settings password

Encryption is the best solution for all Internet security, although there is no absolute security data, but multiple encryption is undoubtedly to improve user security.

And when use the smart home camera, we must pay attention to set a certain strength of the password, and timely attention smart home camera software reminder.We should also  take the initiative to modify the smart home camera default password ,password settings should be a certain degree of complexity and regular changes

3. Timely update smart home camera operating system version and related mobile applications

4. Pay attention to adjust the placement of the camera

Users in the installation process should try to avoid the camera to the bedroom, bathroom and other private areas.

High quality products &good habits can  better protect the privacy of users. Wodsee smart home camera , keep you house safe.

Wodsee new launch H.265+ 4K 4CH/8CH POE NVR KITS, plug and play.

1.POE Power supply, don’t need other power adaptor, don’t need POE switch

2.Support free mobile app (Seetong) real-time viewing, quick and convenient.

3.H.265+ encoding technology, save 90% storage compared with H.264 and 50% storage compared with H.265. Save money for HDD.

Packing include:


As we known, H.265+ is newest and black encoding technology, save 90% storage for you; 4K NVR is the HD development trend of the market. Trust these H.265+ 4K POE NVR kits must help you win more market! Welcome inquiry and samples!

More info, please contact info@wodsee.com

In November 2017, WODSEE launches four models of H.265+ Dual Light IP bullet cameras.

These four cameras adopt with white LED and IR LED light, unlike the general infrared camera which can only monitor B/W image at night, dual light camera can not only show more clear nigh vision images, but also support human recognition and motion detection with the white LED light within 10 meters and record color image.

What kind of different technologies are applied in these Dual light IP cameras?

1.Fifth-Generation Led Board.

2pcs of Array IR LED (20m) plus 2pcs of White IR LED (10m), more great clear visibility under dark conditions, and longer lifetime. Compare to regular infrared camera, dual light camera without infrared exposure problem.

2.Smart Dual Light Switch.

Dual light camera in the absence of moving people automatically works on infrared light, with white LED automatically shut down. In the case of low-light moving people invasion, the camera will smart switch into white LED , illuminate the surveillant area. In the mean time the image will switch from B/W into high-definition color image, which is a strong contributing to crime prevention and help proprietors see at night.

With the lower power consumption, high intensity lighting and smart switch, dual light camera is a more effective and “green” solution when comparing to the regular cameras.

3.Motion detection and human recognition function.

Wodsee dual light cameras using sony sensor’s unique video processing technologies, can achieve not only motion detection but also intelligent human body recognition, distinguishing people from small objects, greatly reduce false detection rates. So they’re more convenient to installed at the places such as: Factory, Courtyard, Stares, Underground parking, Passage, Warehouse  etc. Public spaces.

4. 40-50% cost saving then first generation dual light ip camera.

Compared to Wodsee first edition of manual zoom lens dual light camera, these new cameras are using smaller camera housing and 3.6mm fixed lens. This enabling us much reducing the cost while still keep high quality. So it can benefits a larger group of end users, and increases the affordability for wider users.

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As We known, a terrible Hurricane Irma hit Caribbean area in September, 2017, and it brought great harm and loss to the local people. Wodsee wish the people recover soon.

Here we are so proud to share with you a feedback of Wodsee IP PTZ Speed dome camera from One Customer who is from St. Martin of French Caribbean island.

IP PTZ model SIP130-18PTA is Hurricanes survivor which is Still waterproof and working well after such big hurricane with Wind 350 km/h .

Camera Specification:

6inch Outdoor 18X 960P/1.3mp PTZ Speed Dome camera

Onvif, Free P2P

Pan range: 0°~360° Continue

Tilt range: 0°~90° Flip, Auto flip 180°

Pan Speed: Max 50°/sec

Preset: 256, 4 pattern scans, 8 cruise line


Protection Level: IP66

Below is a clear and stable recording file of this IP PTZ camera when the hurricane Irma hit St. Martin on 06th Sept. 2017 for your more information.

link : http://www.wodsee-cctv.com/ptz-camera

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H.265+ Dual-Light IP camera, 3 Great advantages: 

1) The Dual-light source automatically switches, the human body enters the 10-meters shooting area, automatically switches to white light, and finally solves the infrared camera red expose phenomenon,so that all the investigation and forensics can be carried out.

2) Intelligent human body identification technology, distinguishing people from animals or shadows, and greatly avoiding false positives.

3)H.265+ technology, saves 90% of disk space than H.264. 

According to our sales data and clients feedback, now 70% camera support H.264 in whole market, 

but when the H.265+ was approved can Save 90% storage space and bandwidth in same resolution with more higher picture quality, it is above 35%-50% profit with great potential now

More H.265+ Dual-light IP camera details, please contact info@wodsee.com 

As we known, Wodsee motorized zoom IP camera is 2.8-12mm lens. But now it has upgraded to 2.7mm-13.5mm motorized zoom lens. That is 5X zoom lens. It is more super than before. Now let us introduce wodsee new motorized zoom network cctv cameras.

The solution and the Motorized Zoom lens

Optional function:

1.Audio in&out ; 2. Alarm in&out  3. SD card slot  4. Internal POE  5. Wifi function.

Great compatibility of plenty protocol, the third software and Brand NVR.

Support Brand NVR

*Hikvision protocol: support Hikvision private agreement, support Hikvision full range of H.264, H.265 NVR, support Hikvision POE series NVR ( plug and play), support Hikvision iVMS4200 monitoring platform software;

*Dahua protocol: support Dahua private agreement, support Dahua full range of H.264, H.265 NVR, support Dahua POE series NVR (plug and play), support Dahua cms monitoring platform software;

*Xmeye protocol: support Xmeye private agreement, support Xmeye full range of H.264, H.265 NVR, support Xmeye POE series NVR (plug and play), support Xmeye cms monitoring platform software;

Additional functions

1.Intelligent enhancements software features

Smart block: setting the intelligent block open, when someone malicious shelter lens or by trees, debris and other occasional occlusion, it will touch the camera alarm, so that the relevant staff can detect dangerous situations in time to prevent the occurrence of the accident;

2.Intelligent control: setting alarm on / off, clear the alarm. While setting the smart low, to protect the environment in the low light can get better quality, more smooth quality.

3.Intelligent out of focus: setting the smart out of focus open, when the lens produces a virtual situation, it will touch the camera to produce an alarm, so that the relevant staff can detect and deal with failure.

4.Intelligent cross-border detection: set a limit area in the monitoring range, when the object crossed the boundaries will trigger the alarm. For example, in a road monitoring, you can set a boundary across the road, when a vehicle or pedestrian crossing the set boundaries will trigger the alarm.

5.Intelligent Remnant Detection: Select an area that triggers an alarm when a remnant is detected. For example, in a taxi, in the mall, when found to have customers remnants, can quickly find and promptly notify customers to reduce losses;

6.Smart Zone Intrusion: Set an area within the scope of the monitoring, and an alarm is triggered when an object intrudes. For example, in the warehouse important commodity location, set up a region, when someone entered the set area will trigger the alarm.

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Do you know the dual light camera?

Have you ever met that it is too dark during night vision and could not see the target clearly?

Have you imaged that there is colors during the night(except the starlight cameras)?

Wodsee has already developed a new cameras which can solve the problem. That is dual lights cameras.

1.What is dual light camera?

Dual light camera definition: dual light camera is integrated infrared and white light of the surveillance camera. Please find below pictures for your reference.

2.How does the dual light cameras work?

Dual light camera works: The infrared light cameras can clearly find the target at night, If there is a moving target, the white light will start, infrared off, so as to obtain a clear color image, can more accurately capture the details of the matter.

It works as per this process:

Night Vision

When a person appear, it will turn to color

It will be back to night vision after the person disappear


Meanwhile the white light will automatically open to capture high definition color video and can start the linkage alarm function when moving object appear. You can also remote control through the RS485 line.

3.What are the advantages of Wodsee dual light IP cameras?

1) Infrared Exposure removed

In night without light, infrared camera will easily get problem:Infrared Exposure

Dual-Light IP camera solve this problem completely. When people entered, camera will switch from IR LED to White LED immediately. Image becomes colorful. You can check the below processing pictures.

2) Human recognition

Wodsee brand: Only people enter, then camera will switch.

Other brand: Other objects enter, camera will swtich, too.

3) 90% storage saved

WODSEE Dual-light camera use H.265+ technology, which can save 90% storage compared with H.264. Save HDD, save cost.

More specifications, video and price, welcome to contact info@wodsee.com.

On Aug.18, 2017, Wodsee release new 5MP IP Camera solution: HiSilicon3516D+ OmniVision OS05A10, which is to replace Hi3516D+OV5658.

OmniVision OS05A10 is new released versatile 5-Megapixel PureCel® Sensor with High Dynamic Range for a Wide Range of Commercial Security and Consumer Applications by OmniVision.

Details please visit http://www.ovt.com/sensors/OS05A10

Why Wodsee new release Hi3516D+ OS05A10 ?

Please check below Advantages:

1. Sensor size: OS05A10 Big

1/2.7” OVOS05A10 COMS Sensor, image will be more clear and lifelike.

1/3” OV5658 CMOS Sensor

2. TF card: OS05A10 up to 128G

OVOS05A10 Sensor, add TF Card slot, max support 128G TF card

OV5658 Sensor, add TF Card slot, max support 32G TF card

3. The Number of CCD Board Layer: OS05A10 only 1 layer

OVOS05A10, match with DSP Hi3516A/Hi3516D, only 1 layer of CCD board.

With Motorized zoom lens, only 1 layer, too.

Small case/housing is also available with 5MP High Megapixel.

OV5658 Sensor, match with DSP Hi3516A/Hi3516D, 2 layers of CCD board.

With Motorized zoom lens, only big Dome and Bullet camera case/housing are available.

4. Image quality: OS05A10 color image, more clear; Balck&White image, more clear; support HDR function

More Technical Specification and price info of Hi3516D+OS05A10, please contact info@wodsee.com